August 19, 2016



Acknoid Technologies is able to compete with companies such as Cox or Verizon for monthly phone service charges. We can install a new phone system or move your existing one onto one of our convenient plans.

We offer three options for the telephone hardware:

  • Own
  • Monthly rental
  • Rent-to-own

Our new phone systems are offered on a month-to-month basis and a 30-Day risk-free trial.

Send us your current phone bill to find out how much you can save!


Get the latest and greatest phone system with many customizable options. We take care of the installation and programming of the entire system.

If you already have VoIP, we will move your current number and PBX** over to our system.

Get a month-to-month plan with free voicemail and low-cost minutes.

Ask about our wide variety of phones and features.


Analog phones are becoming more and more obsolete. If your business has an analog system, we will move your system to a new location if needed as well as diagnose any issues, all at a reasonable cost to you.

If you choose to upgrade your phone system, we would be happy to discuss the best options available for your specific business.

We always offer free consultations and site surveys.

Free Consultations

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