February 20, 2016

My Account

Acknoid’s clients can easily track and pay their invoices or submit support tickets.

(clicking the above link will redirect you to our online client access system)


Getting Access:

Shortly after becoming a client of Acknoid, you will receive an email from our staff with your login information. Clients cannot change their password, so please save your password somewhere secure. You can access your client area by clicking the link or by clicking the login button above.

New Client Email

Logging In:

When accessing our client center you will be redirected to a login screen like the one below. Simply enter your information that you have received in the email.

Login Screen

Viewing and Paying Invoices:

Once you have logged into your account, you will notice your most recent invoice is displayed to the left. You can view that invoice by clicking on it. Immediately right of that is the total balance owed and the total amount you have paid to date. Below is a list of your invoices with a ‘view’ option and a ‘comment’ option for each one. To view the entire invoice, select the ‘view’ option. At the top of the page you will see ‘proceed to payment’. This will allow you to pay your invoice through our online billing system, using your credit or debit card. Beside the payment button is a ‘download pdf’ option, which contains your invoice as well as directions on how to pay by mail.

Our online bill pay system is designed for the convenience of our clients, and is a secure and easy way to pay your invoices.


pay invoices

My Projects:

Once you are logged into your account, scroll down below the invoices to view your list of projects. You may leave comments there regarding each project.


Submitting Support Tickets:

When logged into the client access center, there is an option on the top of the page for submitting a ticket. On the ticket page, fill in the subject and give a description of what services you require. Try to be detailed, as this will help our team assist you quickly. Attach any document we may need to complete the task (i.e. pictures). Most tickets would be considered normal priority. An example would be updating images on your website. Things that are impeding the work flow, such as the telephones being down, would be considered an urgent or elevated priority.

If you need multiple jobs done, you may submit them all within one ticket. Be sure to include all documents necessary to complete the request.

Attaching a document is simple. On the bottom of the support ticket page, simply click ‘choose file’, navigate to the document you would like to attach, and click ‘ok’. This would be used if you needed to change a picture on your website, or to send a screenshot/picture of an error message.

Submit a support ticket

The image above is a view of a support ticket form

active support ticket

The above image is a view of support tickets that the client has submitted.