February 20, 2016


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Computer and Business Solutions

Computer and business solutions that work for you!

Acknoid Technologies is a local company that services small and medium businesses by providing the technological tools necessary in today’s world. Computers are an essential part of all business operations, and we understand it is crucial that all systems are consistently working correctly. This is why we strive to assist companies in computer related maintenance and repairs in the fastest manner possible. We are not limited to servicing only computers, but virtually all technological equipment. Some of these include web development, digital file categorization or organization, design of graphic, signage, and ads.

Not only will we assist in the design process such as signage, business cards, ads, and graphics. But we will take care of the printing as well. Acknoid has many partnerships with other companies, that we use these to benefit our clients. These include advantages such as discounts, expedited services, and convenience.

Potential clients receive a one on one consultation to discuss their budget and concerns. Each client gets a personalized estimate based on their business’ needs. We offer different options such as by hour, by project, and monthly client packages. There are many benefits are packages include. As during your initial consultation.

We are currently servicing Rhode Island, southern Massachusetts, and Eastern Connecticut.


Our Services

Helping Clients on a computer

There is no limit to the enhancements that Acknoid can bring to your business. Our prices are cheap, and with a wide variety of services, our clients receive a convenience not offered by many of our competitors.


Customer Care

Customer care

We want all of our clients to be completely satisfied. To make this possible, we offer many ways of contacting an Acknoid associate. Potential clients may use the contact form on our website, email us, or call us. Those who are already clients may use any of the above methods, or submit support tickets through the client access area.